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About EMCC

Our Mission
EMCC's goal is to produce the finest economic modeling and computational products available.  The company's mission is to be the leader in all areas of research, product development and support in this field.
About Modeleasy+ Software
Modeleasy+®  is the premier research tool, which maximizes the performance of the econometric researcher at every step of the way.

Modeleasy+®  is the powerful econometric modeling software package designed by economists for economists and has been in widespread use for more than 20 years.  The Model Description Language (MDL) of Modeleasy+®  was originally designed and implemented by economists at the United States Federal Reserve Board of Governors in Washington, D.C.  The language was further enhanced by the Bank of Italy in Rome.  Development together with the Bank of Italy continues today.

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About Speakeasy Software
Speakeasy® is the powerful computational analysis tool.  Speakeasy®, with it's user-friendly design,  provides the capability to manipulate and analyze large amounts of data.  Speakeasy® was created in the early 1970's by Dr. Stan Cohen, a physicist at Argonne National Laboratory, as an aid to help scientists formulate and test ideas in a research environment.  Dr. Cohen left Argonne to form Speakeasy Computing Corporation.

Speakeasy is in widespread use today by scientists, engineers, students and individuals around the world.

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About Our Founder
William D. Teeters, Ph.D., received his doctorate in theoretical physics from the University of Iowa.  Dr. Teeters has worked in the numerical software field for more than 25 years, spending 10 years as Vice President of Speakeasy Computing Corporation in Chicago, Illinois.  During this same period Dr. Teeters worked closely with the Bank of Italy on several aspects of the development of Modeleasy+ software.  Dr. Teeters has led the effort to upgrade Modeleasy+ for platform portability and design enhancements. 
About Our Alliance
In May 2000, EMCC formed an alliance with Speakeasy Computing Corporation.  Stan Cohen and William Teeters will continue the close collaboration that they have enjoyed for many years so that continuity of the Speakeasy software is preserved.  This partnership has been undertaken to guarantee the continuity and high quality of Speakeasy software.


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